PV : Point Value (Volume of the product; incentives are calculated on the basis of PV).

GV : Group Volume (Total volume generated by the Team).

DP : Distributor Price.

GBU : Global Bonus Unit (Incentives are calculated in GBU).

ID : Independent Distributor/ Direct Seller.

ACTIVE : Status of ID to be eligible for the incentive and carry forward.

MRP : Maximum Retail Price.

SPONSOR : A distributor who personally enrolls another distributor to his organization.

UPLINE : An associate who is placed on top in a genealogical hierarchy.

MONTH : Cycle of 4 weeks.

PAID AS RANK : Current week’s performance level.

PERSONAL TURNOVER : Re-order/ Sponsoring.

ACTIVATION LEVEL : The volume of PV generated in your ID.

ACTIVATED ID : At least once activated.

ORDER HOLD : Suspended.

VACATED : Terminated.

CUSTOMER : Person who is not a distributor who buys IndusViva products from a distributor.

Berth ID : The new organisations generated parallel to A & B organisation on achieving the Black Diamond Ambassador Rank.