Loyality Program

Loyalty, as the name suggests, is our token of appreciation for the consistent loyalty you have towards IndusViva business.

If a distributor places a minimum purchase order (25 PV) on his ID for 10 consecutive months, he/she shall be rewarded with a complimentary product of their choice via the Loyalty Program.


  • This exclusive reward is applicable for a distributor who holds ranks between ‘Independent Distributor’ and ‘Star-1000’ when the tenure commences.

  • This reward is calculated as a cycle of 10 consecutive months. Any lapse in between the cycle will cause the cancellation of the reward.

  • Orders placed through VOTM are not eligible.

  • In the particular tenure, if a distributor receives TRB, that month/ months will be exempted from the cycle: the cycle will not be expired until 10 consecutive months are completed in this case.
  • GST, and handling charges are applicable.