• Award will be announced by the VIVA ICON of the previous year and will be awarded by an eminent personality at VIVA Town Hall.

  • Viva Icon of the Year is awarded for ethical business conduct and transparency. Awarded yearly once.

  • Executive Diamond and above ranks only are eligible for the contest. The awardee will be chosen from the qualified Diamond and above applicants by a panel, which includes a retired judge. In order to consider, he/she shall currently be a royalty payee.

  • Once achieved will not be considered in the future. Any serious violation/deviations in the future may attract the withdrawal of the title.

  • If a tie comes between a male and a female, the female will be selected.

  • The ICON will be awarded a certificate, memento, and an ever-rolling Gold Medal.

  • Jet Credit Program: The chosen Viva Icon of The Year will be granted 4 To & From Flight tickets to Bangalore in the year, to attend the company organized event.