Prosper in IndusViva business with the right tools in hand. Now you will never be unprepared when an opportunity knocks at your door! Our business tools – Flipchart, Compliance Book, Direct Selling Book, Diary, Product Leaflets and Customer Receipt contain adequate information to ensure a distributor is well-informed on all fronts. With exciting and classy merchandise like the Viva Cap, Tie and Bag, keep yourself primed, come what may! VibrantViva offers a new, sophisticated experience in the Direct Selling Industry.

Viva Flipchart:350

Viva Customer Receipt:150

Viva Direct Selling Book:300

Viva Cap:300

Viva Bag:1250

Viva Diary:500

Viva Compliance Book:250

Viva Product Leaflet(set of 100):600

Viva Tie:500

Viva Application Form(set of 50):300

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