The Company-owned and operated Business Education System VibrantViva is coverage of wisdom that protects you from failing in IndusViva business. We consider our distributors as our most important asset. Even though our ID numbers run to lakhs, it doesn’t resemble the number of active distributors. We are stringent about the same. To us, IDs that are not active cannot be considered as a distributor. Customers join as distributors to get the product at a discounted rate. And we are not interested in propagating any false information. VibrantViva has a set of principle and it is ethical in every perspective. To us, the distributor who is a STAR is in a focused and dedicated IndusViva business. We count on them and take care of their growth with VibrantViva’s exclusive business education. As of 31 December 2019, IndusViva has 500769 distributors who have activated their ID at least once, though our number runs to six lakhs. Our business tools, the exclusive website that contains every necessary lecture and series of adequate information, powered VOPs and different intellectual properties to conduct programs at various stages sets an updated station for our distributors. VibrantViva initiated exclusive training programs and recognition events for its people. Events such as King’s Circle Meet, Top 10 Meet, Ruby Meet, 20 City Tour, Star Summit, Town Hall, Webinars, Red Carpet Welcome, Quarterly RTP for Star-500s in Nepal, Train the Trainer – KYP, and Social Media Support monitored by VibrantViva offers a new experience in Direct Selling Industry. The quarterly magazine, VIVA VIBES frames all achievements of distributors and the company. VibrantViva is an exclusive, innovative, and unique path to excellence in Direct Selling.

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